Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina

Tasting Notes: Fruity green olive aroma. On the palate, it is a light oil. Overall it is a very balanced with a touch of sweetness characteristic of oil variety.
Type of oil: 100% Arbequina.
Date collected: October to November.
Method of collection: Mechanics.
Extraction method: Cold extraction system in less than 4 hours after collection.
Color: Green with golden tones.
Acidity: 0,15.
Pairing: Salads, vegetables, fish / seafood grilled meats and all kinds of elaborations of Mediterranean dishes, important for its healthful qualities.

100% Arbequina

The extra virgin olive oil Pla Cortals has been produced on a farm from where the start has opted for organic farming from Arbequina olive variety.


Harvesting is done at the right time, where the olive trees contribute their full potential.

Pla dels Cortals


All processes from the field to the final product have been integrated into the requirements for the certification of organic products.


Our agricultural process is ecological and respects the environment. For more details, contact us.

100% Arbequina

A lightly olive oil with a slightly sweet tasting.

Pla dels Cortals

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